Signs of a Great Sci-Fi Book: A Guide for Readers

Science fiction is one of today’s popular genres, and it surely is for a good reason. It helps readers engage in the what-ifs that are either impossible or possible. In other words, through film, television, and literature, science fiction tells us where our civilization would have wound up if things had been different. Testing our nature as humans against new and extreme situations is how sci-fi continues to capture the attention of readers.

But no matter how great the genre is, it is still important to pick the right book to read. This is because we consume a plethora of reading materials in the age of consumerism, just as we consume various other things. Reading, whether online, printed, or hardcopy, and whether in the form of brief thought pieces, academic essays, or full-fledged novels, is an intrinsic part of each of our lives. But having to pick the wrong book is not a pleasant feeling at all. In fact, it can demotivate us to continue our reading journey. Hence, even if many attest that sci-fi is the best genre, you need to make sure that you feel fulfilled with what you are reading. Here’s a simple strategy to help you choose the next books you’ll read, helping you to spark more interest in reading more books:

It Should Have a Unique Plot

With so many published works from different authors in the market, you must ensure that you are delving into uncommon narratives. It would be helpful to draw from your personal experiences. Author of The Guardians of the Solar Shield, Sam Bleicher, makes sure to have his encounters inspire his works. In his case, he takes his narrative from his experience as a law firm partner and lobbyist, and as a senior official in the US Department of State. This assists in assuring readers to grasp unique chronicles from his works.

It Has a Unique Writing Style

If you’re having trouble picking what to read, this is one of the most straightforward options. You may have your top favorite author, but if you feel like reading a new style of writing, which can be very pertinent in sci-fi novels, make sure to try out new authors or authors who you’ve never heard of before. But before that, you need to make sure to do an author study. This step is significant as this will help readers draw links between an author’s life and work, aiding readers to identify the author’s purpose.

It Should have Believable Characters

Even though sci-fi plots are often out of this world, there should be an element of connection between the characters and the readers. Most of us tend to quit reading if the characters appear unnatural or forced. We should have compelling reasons to believe in their story’s objectives. For example, most of us would not destroy our lives to exact revenge unless we had a compelling motive to do so.

It Should Have a Correct Viewpoint

Do you think that the author has chosen a viewpoint that really suits the viewpoint of the story? A story’s point of view is significant because it helps the reader comprehend the characters’ sentiments and actions. Each character will have their own point of view. Thus whoever is presenting the tale will influence the reader’s perception of other characters and events. This can leave us wanting more from the story because surprises are arising.

It is Relevant to Your Mood

Any reading list will do. Thinking about how relevant the book you’ll read will be one of your strategies to choose a book from your reading list by observing your mood, stress levels, degree of busyness, and areas of curiosity and interest at that specific phase of your life. By taking notice of your mood, stress levels, level of busyness, areas of curiosity, and interest in that particular period of your life, you will know what book is the best for you.

Many of us are concerned about selecting the perfect book to read, especially when it comes to sci-fi books. We want to select high-quality books, ones that speak to us and have delightful, fulfilling reading experiences.


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