Earth is one of the wealthiest planets in the whole solar system. Among all the other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, Earth has been the only planet capable of the existence of life. The Earth includes four main layers; the inner core, the outer core, the mantle, and the crust. The place where we live and where we stand is the crust. The crust is the thinnest and most top layer of the Earth, and it supports the life that exists on the Earth’s surface. The layer called crusts is composed of silica, aluminum, and oxygen. In the Earth’s crust, we can find much of the beauty of nature. Minerals such as iron, copper, and gold are found just right underneath the face of the Earth. Flowing rivers and trees dancing to the beats of the breeze found at the surface of the Earth. Animals with paws, claws, fins, and wings exist beyond the Earth’s depths. Life is fond and is the best-known creation that exists on Earth. 

The Earth and its magnificent features never fail to amaze me. The balance created in this world makes our lives make the Earth’s whole purpose vague. But the balanced in the Earth’s surface has been abused and put to waste. We humans have been taking this gift (the Earth) for granted. Humans are the ones that acquire more power over all the other creations on the Earth, yet we are also the ones who abuse our power over them. The Earth is slowly turning into ruins by cruel humans who abuse power bestowed upon us. We tend to just see environment and nature as things with” no life” when the truth is that nature is “our life.” We must keep on the lookout for our actions, significantly if they can negatively affect us and our environment. 

Our nature can’t revive when destroyed. It feels so sad to see the Earth and its deteriorating status. We can see some of the Earth’s beauty wasted because of wicked acts. The Earth’s beauty during the 70s and 80s has turned into lumps of dirty sight in the present day. Rivers flowing with golden and sparkling water are now turning into a black mush of mud and dirt. The east’s clear blue skies are slowly becoming grey and out of life. Sometimes we can look at the environment and ask, “what is going on here?” It’s sad to realize that the Earth’s beauty turned down to waste. As members of society, we need to take action to make the environment look fabulous again. We might not be one of those vast companies and researchers who can do enormous environmental actions, but we can do small things to help the environment. We can strive and try our best to make a compelling and beautiful environment once and for all. Here are simple steps you can do yourself to help improve our environment. 

1. Let It Know

As humans, we can do one of the simple leading actions is to disseminate information to the public. This idea of letting people know about the environment can contribute a lot more than you can imagine. Simple acts like sharing thought so some you know, posting social media posts related to the environment, or even sharing gathered information about the environment can be valuable and helpful. Many people have been doing a lot of work to make the information known to many people. “The Plot to Cool the Planet” is a book dedicated to reaching out to people and giving information about the improvement of ht environment. Actions like this are helpful and helpful to make the concern about the environment more widespread. 

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

One of the most common suggestions for improving the Earth’s environment is the mantra “reduce, reuse and recycle.” The idea of reducing, reusing, and recycling has been a standard green code to make people more conscious about the trashes that they throw out. People usually throw stuff that is still useful and repaired, and this habit is harmful because throwing things out means we are buying new ones. Buying many new products means more intensive production for the company. More natural resources will be used and destroyed if such products extend production. So make sure to reduce, reuse and recycle your stuff. 

3. Rethink and Replan

There are more ways to help and save the environment: sit down with your family members or yourself and have a planning session. Make sure that you can look for possible ways to help improve the environment. You can Go Green, meaning you can choose more healthy options in your products and meals. Another option is to “save, save, save,” meaning to save more products while you can also save money. More plans of the likes are for you to do to help the environment and the plan to avoid climate change. 

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